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Welcome to the brand new Ravi experience, where you can find great resources such as our new titles, catalogues, feedback forms and other information.
Ravi Publishers is one of South India's leading publishers of children's school books ranging from kindergarten to standard 7, spanning a remarkably wide variety of subjects in six different languages.
The company was founded in 1988 by Makkena Anjaneya Rao, whose first project 'ABC Book' aimed at kindergarten kids was a phenomenal success. Since the publication of the first book 29 years ago, the Ravi Publishers Group has established an exceptional quality-oriented brand image and till today stands as one of the most trusted publishing houses in South India.
The company strives hard to publish books that inspire and motivate the young minds; and has taken a holistic approach in the development of value-based education that nurtures and hones the creative thinking skills of your children.
Enlight e-learning series of books is prepared based on NCERT&CBSE syllabus and in CCE Model to meet the requirements of schools.
The willingness of the brand to innovate has led to the publishing of several successful books like the 'Hindi-English Primers', 'ABC Books', 'Practice Books', and the 'Hindi-Telugu Primers' for grades from kindergarten to fifth .
'Computer Books', 'GK Books', 'Grammar Books', ‘ English Cursive Books’ and 'Copy Books'(in 5 languages) up to seventh . These books have made learning different languages very easy for your kids. We currently publishing many titles per year servicing numerous schools across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.
We also provide Interactive Software for our both Joyway and Enlight series on main subject books.
We believe that books create a difference and make an impact on the lives of the readers. Hence, we aim to satisfy our customers with exceptional products and will continue to publish books that enhance and enrich the educational development of your children at all levels.

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